Wednesday, April 05, 2006

After The Tides Have Settled (Fluff)

The standoff at Oakwood State has come to an impasse. Factions after warring factions had either left with unfinished agenda or stood vanguard on their makeshift havens whilst licking their wounds. Amongst them all, Tower One stood mighty at the heart of the agricultural state as if keeping a vigilant eye on the next army that will dare oppose. At the seat of power, there lies the true nature of the Oakwood Rebellion... fanned by decades of underground indoctrination by Chaos sleeper cults, conspired by malcontentented brainworks of Ruinous Powers, reinforced by the traitor turncoats of the Fespal Third.

For those that held hope that the Holy Emperor's wrath will soon betide, for those that believed that Chaos is the true way, for those that rather heeded their own schema... the battle will rage on.

Chaos Space Marines: Iron Warriors
For reasons undisclosed of its true nature, the 101st Grand Company strike force of Lieutenant Azazel left the battle prior to the siege of Tower One. Their flagship - Abbadon's Fury - was last seen at the eastern fringe of Makat Subsector.

Space Marines: Raven Guards
Fueled by a century-long grudge against the Iron Warriors' involvement on the Istvaan Drop Site Massacre, the Reclusiarch of the Raven Guard's 5th Company patrol declared a tactical withdrawal from Laya Secundus to chase Abbadon's Fury before it jumps to warp space.

Space Marines: Salamanders
Sheer loss was reported after their attempt to strike at the northern gates of Tower One. The Space Marines of the Salamanders Chapter did not expect the multitude of ravenous mutants inside the Main Grid. They were first among many to discover the true workings of Chaos behind this mutiny. Standing back to regroup, they were being assaulted by Inquisition forces at the flanks, accusing them of heretical involvement.

Sisters of Battle: Order of the Sacred Flame
Ever zealous for the adoration of the Holy Emperor, Inquisitor Lord Stoner and his contingent of Adeptas Sororitas were harassing the Salamanders since their first encounter at the northwestern part of Oakwood State. The faithful servant of the God Emperor had always kept a vigilant eye against Space Marines Chapters that were overtly deifying their Primarchs. Even with a mission to subjugate Tower One, he will not divert attention from those whose faith leaned closely astray.

Imperial Guards: Tanith First-And-Only
Desperate to rescue the trapped military personnel at the Oakwood Barracks, the men of Tanith First had cordoned off the area around Special Grid 32. Mysteriously, the premise was being defended by troops in power armour and draped in heavy cloaks. They harried anyone from the Tanith strike force who attempted to close in and infiltrate the objective. It was later reported that these troops had assaulted the barracks themselves and left after capturing some individuals. Snipers from the Tanith frontlines told of angel wings on the strange force's insignia.

Chaos Space Marines: Black Legion
Stopping at none to cause wreck and havoc, the forces of the Black Legion ravaged their control area, keeping a malevolent eye at the young guns of the Imperial forces at their left flanks. Seizing the Armory through a vicious lightning raid, they have secured enough flamers stored therein to rake the enemy conscripts at bay.

Imperial Guards: 12th ROTC Regiment
Led by a promising Junior Officer, the conscripts of the 12th ROTC Regiment, flamed with youthful adventurism, harassed the advance of the Black Legion towards the Main Grid. What does these Imperial Guardsmen lack in battle skills, they have compensated through sheer numbers of militia from different planets of the Imperium. With an eager Commisar to keep a belligerent order among the ranks, they were able to hold their lines despite severe savage destruction from the hands of Chaos.

Space Marines: Ultramarines
The battle brothers of the Ultramarines threaded lightly towards the objective grid. The wary approach have given them the breathing space to avoid unnecessary engagements along their advance. The Battle of Grid 16 Passage should have been more bloody if their patrol charged head-long to the war-thirsty Orkz surrounding the area. Instead, they held their territory like stalking predators, aiming for the right time to assault.

Sisters of Battle: Order of the Keepers of the Faith
Discovering a series of underground tunnels from the Maintenance Building, the Puritan Lord leading the elite cadre of Battle Sisters traversed to the eastern side of Oakwood to secure a better position on their advance to Tower One. There, they have suffered serious blows from the Battle of Grid 16 Passage but nonetheless held to regroup and re-strategize their spearhead to the Main Grid.

...wherein inside the Great Chambers of Tower One, the bile forces of the lost and the damned creatures of Imperium lies anticipating on who will challenge the gifts bestowed on them by the gods of Chaos!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Week 6 Final Game Results (Update)

Grids 24 and 21 will automatically be occupied by Jeff (Sisters of Battle) because of Ryan's lost of grids.


We are now at the last week of the campaign.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Thanks to Lito for hosting some of the games and for the grub and the beer!! Much appreciated!! As the Germans say it... PROST!

Thanks to Kim for helping out with the player rating computations!

Thanks to Pareng Jigs sa accomodations, Blogger para sa funky web log ng campaign, Oberon Sector Forums para sa exposure!

Thanks to Katrina Halili for always being there for me when I'm lonely!! =)

Warhammer Fantasy campaign to be planned next!

Ere Warbozz Gelo, jobz done! Thankz much!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Week 6 Partial Game Results (Update)

Yesterday's game results:

++Multiple Match for Grid 16
Surprise Army Won - Jay Estaris (Space Orkz)

++ARVIN (Imperial Guards) vs JUSTIN (Black Legion)
Three matches for Grids 28, 22, and 26
Arvin withdraws from the matches.


RYAN (Salamanders) have chosen to retain Special Grid 9: C&C and Grid 1.


Thanks Oberon for hosting the game at the RHGC HQ!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Week 6 Partial Game Results (Update) (Fluff)

Yesterday's game result:

GELO won. Take and Hold - Alpha. 1000 pts.
Ryan will lose 8 grids as consequence.

Tower One will remain occupied by the Lost and the Damned.


The Brother Chaplain looked with contempt at the hideous Chaos Spawns that were ambling towards the Salamander Tactical Squad he was leading. His squad started to fire their bolters point blank but the Spawns' thick hides saved them.

So intent was he to bring those abominations down that he was suprised to see a Hell Hound push their Rhino to the side and then spew flame towards them. But it was nothing for the Salamanders and the flames were but a candle to them.

Still, it did buy time for the pack of mutants to attack from the corner of a ruined building. While the tac squad was busy combating the Spawn that had charged, the Chaplain took on the mutants.

He parried the huge claws from the Mutant Boss but failed to notice the Aspiring Champion that was behind it. One swing was all that it took from its crackling power fist....

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Campaign Week 6 (Update)

Here are the matches for Week 6:

++LITO vs JACOB for Grid 36

++JACOB vs Surprise Army for Grid 31
Jacob's objective is FOOTHOLD

Two matches for Grids 24 and 21
Ryan's move to Grid 25 was preempted by Jeff's move to Grid 21.

Three matches for Grids 28, 22, and 26

++Multiple Match for Grid 16
Surprise Army
*Players' objectives will be FOOTHOLD

++RYAN vs Surprise Army for TOWER ONE
*Read campaign rules for Tower One battle for specifics



For the 5-way multiple match, Oberon's kind enough to host it in his house this coming Friday. Please confirm the participants' attendance. Thanks sir!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Week 5 Partial Game Results (Update)

Yesterday's game result:

++ARVIN (Firebase) vs JUSTIN (Hold The Line)
Justin won Grid 28.

++JACOB (Lightning Raid) vs OBI (Defend) for Special Grid 32: Barracks
Surprise Army won. Jacob will withdraw from the Special Grid.

*Awaiting results from:

++JEFF (Sisters of Battle) vs RYAN (Salamanders)
Four separate battles for Grids 14, 15, 21, and 24


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Week 5 Partial Game Results (Update)

Latest game results:

++ARVIN (Foothold) vs JUSTIN (Foothold)
ARVIN won Grid 26.

++DEMO (Ultramarines) vs Surprise Army for Grid 16

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Special Grid 32: Oakwood PDF Barracks (Fluff)

"Emperor's mercy, we're safe!! We're safe!!!"

Anxiously tucked on one of the Militia Barracks outpost, the remaining PDF forces assigned to defend the military installation were warily awaiting their fate from the tide of onslaught wrecking Oakwood State. From afar, shadows were lurking on the perimeters of the premise, promising swift death from what seemed to be sniper rifles aimed at the heart of the barracks itself.

Pinned inside their makeshift haven, the PDF conscripts were holding their breath from the impending doom when giant men in deep jade power armours charged from the flanks and stalled the advance of the unseen enemy. The Adeptus Astartes! Now, fate has shifted on their favor as one by one the phantom rebels succumbed to the might of the Emperor's Angels of Death.

With renewed vigor and profound awe upon actually seeing the Space Marines in battle, one of the grizzled military veterans rallied his squad to arms. "Prepare for battle, soldiers! Aid has come from the Emperor and aid shall come unto Him! Let not the heretics walk His lands!!!"

The conscripts shouted the Oakwood Planetary Defense Force battlecry in unison as the first platoon charged out of the outpost towards the bloody skirmish ahead. Then the rest followed, their lasguns trained at the enemy forces. Halfway to the raging melee, the leading platoon abruptly halted their sprint, shoulders sagging from some indefinite reason.

The same veteran who rallied the squad out of the outpost sprinted from behind the lines. "What do you think you are doing, cowards?! Charge! Charge! Cha..." he paused as he got near the front line, squinting at the battlefield. "They're not rebels..." he added, his jaw almost dropped from the grim comprehension. The Space Marines contingent were viciously attacking men in jet black uniforms and Imperial-issue cameleoline veils... familiar battledress from the anals of the Imperial Guards that he had religiously studied.

One of the younger soldiers from behind him mustered to voice out, "Sir, they sure din't look like the defectors from Fespal Third."

"Is not..." the grizzled veteran barely mumbled, still staring incredulously at the battlefield. "They're Tanith First."

Monday, March 20, 2006

Campaign Week 5 (Update)

Games for Week 5:

++JEFF (Sisters of Battle) vs RYAN (Salamanders)
Four separate battles for Grids 14, 15, 21, and 24

++ARVIN (Imperial Guards) vs JUSTIN (Black Legion)
Two separate battles for Grids 26 and 28
Wednesday, 6:30pm - NG G2

++JACOB (Imperial Guards) vs Surprise Army for Special Grid 32
Special Grid 32: Barracks. Jacob's objective will be Lightning Raid.

++DEMO (Ultramarines) vs Surprise Army for Grid 16
CONTESTED DRAW. Demo will have his school Finals for this week.

Week 4 Final Game Results (Update)

Grid 7
Mission: Jeff (Foothold) vs Ryan (Holdout)
Ryan won the grid

Grid 15
Mission: Jeff (Foothold) vs Ryan (Firebase)
Contested draw, both players achieve victory

Grid 20
Mission: Jeff (foothold) vs Ryan (Foothold)
Ryan won the grid


Now accepting Week 5 movements:
Oberon - 1 move
Ryan - 2 moves
Demo will forfeit moves this week bcuz of Finals. Good luck!
Arvin & Justin - no moves bcuz of two contested grids
Jeff & Jacob - submitted their moves

Friday, March 17, 2006

Week 4 Partial Game Results (Update)

*Game results as of today:

++ DEMO (Ultramarines) vs Surprise Army for Grid 16.
CONTESTED DRAW. Demo has the option to either continue the battle for one less movement choice next campaign week OR claim the regular two movement choices per campaign week by withdrawing from Grid 16.

++ ARVIN (12th ROTC Regiment) vs JUSTIN (Black Legion)
Two separate battles for Grids 26 and 28.
CONTESTED DRAW. The battles will be continued next campaign week leaving both players forfeiting their two movement choices UNLESS both will unanimously agree to withdraw on one or both Grids in favor of a movement choice or two.

++ JEFF (Sisters of Battle) vs GELO (Eldars) for Grid 25
JEFF WON. He now controls Grid 25.


*Awaiting result from the Jeff vs Ryan matches. The rest can now submit their movement choices!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tactical Withdrawal (Fluff)

"Brother-Captain, confirmation received from Domino, they are leaving the system."

Captain Adama supressed a frown, dismissing Sergeant Fides with a nod.

"Tactical withdrawal. If I didn't know how the Raven Guards operate, I'll misjudge it as cowardice," he thought to himself. "But, why? First, the traitorous Iron Warriors..." he continued, as if mentally spitting the name, "...shipped off planet. Not that they will turn tails from the reinforcements... a hoard of Imperial conscripts? Now, the Raven Guards too. There should be a more logical explanation to this."

His contemplation was cut short as his auspex jolted to activity, his century-long battlefield training enough to recognize what the auspex reading meant.

"Stand fast, my Brothers! Enemy movement ahead!"

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Week 4 Partial Game Results (Update)

Yesterday's game results:

++ DEMO (Ultramarines - Firebase) vs JUSTIN (Black Legion - Hold Out) for Grid 17
DRAW - Both factions will withdraw from Grid 17

++ LITO (Sisters of Battle - Sabotage) vs JACOB (Tanith First - Sabotage) for Grid 36
CONTESTED DRAW - Both factions will stay for another match on Grid 36. That will mean one less movement choice next week (Week 5).

++ JACOB (Tanith First - Foothold) vs OBI (Dark Angels - Defend) for Special Grid 32: Barracks
SURPRISE ARMY WON - Tanith First will withdraw from the Special Grid.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Campaign Week 4 (Update)

Here's the list of matches for Week 4:

++ RYAN (Salamanders) vs JEFF (Sisters of Battle)
Three separate battles for Grids 15, 20, and 7.

Ryan's move to Grid 14 was pre-empted by Jeff's move to Grid 7. Creating a cross-fire. Jeff submitted his movement choice first before Ryan's so the latter's choice to attack Grid 7 will be carried on.

++ JEFF (Sisters of Battle) vs Surprise Army for Grid 25
Jeff's mission will be Foothold.

++ DEMO (Ultramarines) vs JUSTIN (Black Legion) for Grid 17

++ DEMO (Ultramarines) vs Surprise Army for Grid 16.
Demo's mission will be Foothold.

++ JACOB (Tanith First) vs Surprise Army for Special Grid 32: Barracks
Contested draw from Week 3. Jacob's mission will be Lightning Raid

++ LITO (Sisters of Battle) vs JACOB (Tanith First) for Grid 36
Contested draw from Week 3.

++ ARVIN (12th ROTC Regiment) vs JUSTIN (Black Legion)
Two separate battles for Grids 26 and 28.


Updated map will be posted soon.

Week 3 Final Game Results (Update)

*Week 3 Final Game Results, held in the RHGC HQ last Friday:

++ ARVIN vs OBI (Dark Eldar) for Grid 27
ARVIN won, controlled GRID 27

++ JACOB vs Surprise Army for Special Grid 32: Barracks
Contested Draw. Will settle the game in Week 4. Jacob will only have 1 movement choice for Week 4, unless he will decide to withdraw from the Special Grid.

++ JACOB vs LITO for Grid 36
Contested Draw. Will settle the game in Week 4, unless both faction will choose to withdraw from Grid 36.

++ JACOB vs LITO vs JEFF vs Obi (Dark Eldar) for Special Grid 30: Maintenance
LITO won, controlled Special Grid 30: Maintenance Grid

Maintenance Grid (Grid 30) - one of your movement choice can be anywhere that is NOT adjacent to your controlled grids, NOT a special grid, and NOT an occupied territory.


*ALREADY GOT MOVEMENTS FROM LITO, DEMO, and JUSTIN. Awaiting movements from Arvin, Jacob, Ryan, and Jeff.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Week 3 Partial Game Results (Update)

Updates from yesterday's matches:

*ARVIN (Imperial Guards: 12th ROTC) VS JUSTIN (CSM: Black Legion)

Option 4 was chosen to settle the cross attack:
Play two seperate games for Control of Grid 26 and Grid 39

++ ARVIN (Hold Out) vs JUSTIN (Hold Out) for Grid 26
++ ARVIN (Foothold) vs JUSTIN (Lightning Raid) for Grid 39

Both games were DRAW.
Both players should withdraw from the territory.

*Grids 26 and 39 are now unoccupied.

*JEFF (Sisters of Battle) VS RYAN (SM: Salamanders)

++ JEFF (Lightning Raid) vs RYAN (Lightning Raid) for Grid 14
++ JEFF (Firebase) vs RYAN (Holdout) for Grid 21

JEFF won Grid 14 and controls it.
RYAN won Grid 21 and controls it.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Campaign Week 3 (Update)

*Arvin (Imperial Guards: ROTC 12th) is officially entering the game. He will seize control over Art's grids.

*Map for Week 3 is now up at the link on the sidebar!

*Got all Week 3 movements. Here's the list of battles:

++ JEFF vs RYAN for Grid 14
++ JEFF vs RYAN for Grid 21
++ ARVIN vs GELO's Surprise Army for Grid 27
++ ARVIN vs JUSTIN for Grid 26
++ ARVIN vs JUSTIN for Grid 39
++ JACOB vs GELO's Surprise Army for Special Grid 32: Barracks
++ JACOB vs LITO for Grid 36
++ JACOB vs LITO vs JEFF vs Surprise Army for Special Grid 30: Maintenance
(Multiple battle against a non-player army. 6x4 table, all player armies on a Lightning Raid against the non-player army)

*Announcement on what faction will fight for the Surprise Armies will be posted soon. CONTACT YOUR OPPONENTS NOW! We have until Saturday to finish the games.

Campaign Updates (Update)

Campaign Updates:

*Art (Iron Warriors) and Francis (Raven Guard) dropped from the campaign.

*Arvin (Imperial Guards) might continue Art's game. I still need to reconfirm.

*In light of this, grids occupied by Art and Francis will remain controlled by them, and players that might substitute them will control the grids they have left. However, if any of the current players pushes to contend a grid occupied by the outgoing players, then it will be treated as if the contending player landed on an unoccupied grid (unless originally there's a non-player army guarding that grid).

*The Raven Guard withdrew from the skirmish at Grid 19. Chaos Marines of the Black Legion won back their control over the area.


I only got Jeff and Lito's movement orders so far.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Week 2 Partial Game Results (Update/Fluff)

*Game result this day :

++Gelo (Space Orkz) vs Ryan (Salamanders)

Gelo (Defend)
Ryan (Lightning Raid) - WIN: controls Grid 09 (Special Grid: C&C)

*Ryan (Salamanders) will now benefit for the special rules of controlling the C&C.

C&C Building (Grid 09) - allows you to have an extra movement choice. (3 movement choices now)


"Giffem dakka, boyz!! Dakka, dakka, dakka!! Ugh?? Boyz? BOYZZ?? Arrgh!! You coward lots, come back! Come baaaack!!!"
- Mekboi Dangnabit to his shoota and slugga mob
C&C Building (Grid 09) perimeters

Week 2 Partial Game Results (Update/Fluff)

*Last night's game result:

++Gelo (Imperial Guards) vs Justin (Black Legion)

Gelo (Defend)
Justin (Lightning Raid) - WIN: controls Grid 18 (Special Grid: Armoury)

*Justin (Black Legion) will now benefit for the special rules of controlling the Armoury.

Armoury (Grid 18) - you can add up to 40 points of free weapon and/or wargear upgrades. This should not be spent for any psychic or daemonic items.


"Bikes! Slaughter... I see bikes laughing at me... BWAHAHAHA! Blood! Blood! Retreat, Fespal Third!! See them bikes??! Waah??"
- Fespal Third survivor of the Armoury defence, on psychiatric examination
Psychodynamics Ward, Tower One